Wk 1 Task 2 Conversations in Creative Culture

Kaitiakitanga: A Definitive Introduction to the Holistic Worldview of Māori

Preservation of Maori cultural and spiritual heritage and practices

Resource Management, managing our natural resources within New Zealand and fairly respecting the request of the Maori people

Respecting Treaty rights

The Myths and Legends of the Maori/Polynesian People

I think I found the Myths and Legends part the most engaging and understandable part of the reading: Summaries

Myths and Legends of the Polynesian people are the basis of understand how fundamental parts of the civilization works. As the western culture basis their beliefs are scientific theories and evidence. The Maori pass down stories of mythical feats being performed by legendary characters, such as Tane who is mentioned in many different Maori tales. These “legends” and “myths” are a basis for the Maoris own expression and understanding of how the world work and how it has worked for them. These expressions almost remind me of Fresco paintings from the Renaissance era, the Fresco’s displayed sense from the bible most of the common person could not read or write so they would view these works of art to understand how their society worked.

Wk 1 Task 1Conversations in Creative Culture

Project Matauranga

Notes from Project Matauranga

Questions I have: Revolve around why these crucial cultural heritages are and were suppressed, why are there not more people work together in the community to preserve histories that are being washed away by injustices and wrong doings.