Ta Moko essay thing sort of thing

During this semester’s independent study, I’ve been looking into the history of Pacifica art, primarily tattooing or “Tatau” as it was originally known in the Tahitian language (Nicholas 5)
What I’m trying to achieve with my research is an understanding of the meaning behind the symbolism and how tattooing is performed.
During my research I’ll be focusing on the art of tattooing in the south pacific, tattoos from each culture within the south pacific share similar details, be it through designs placement on the body or the common connection to the natural world surrounding the culture.

During this semester of independent study my collective group have been focusing on Pacific histories, picking our own individual subtopic within the context of pacific histories. I’ve personally chosen to focus on pacific arts, with a major focus on the art of tattooing, Tatua as it’s called in the Tahitian language (Nicholas 5), Tā moko as is in Te Reo Maori (John C Moorfield 1).

Write a reflection smile.

What did you learn?

2 examples and 2 photos here

How did this enhance your understanding of cultural and social perspective in Aotearoa?

2 examples and 1 photo here

What else do you want to learn/how would you improve this research?

1 in-depth example

Work citing

1. Thomas, Nicholas. Tattoo: Bodies, Art, and Exchange in the Pacific and the West. Duke University Press Books, 2005.
2. Moonfield, John C. “Maori Dictionary” Te Aka Online Māori Dictionary, 2019,
http://owll.massey.ac.nz/referencing/mla-interactive.php . Accessed 15/10/2019

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