Wk 6 Task 1

Make some notes on your understanding of tikanga, considering this in relationship to ethics and values.

Tika means right or correct. Pono means true and genuine. Tuturu means fixed or permanent or enduring. In todays world tuturu has more similarities to that of pono.

“the link between tika and pono on the one hand and values on the other is that values have to do with ‘principles or standards of behaviour’

“A judgement about the application of a particular tikanga in terms of tika or pono is based on whether the principles or standard of behaviour or practice have been observed adequately.

If something is found to be breaking the breaching the tikanga there’s something called a take in which the two parties meet and come to an agreement apon recompensation

“Kau ae, the amtter is settle and nor longer and issue”

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