Wk 5 Task 1

Summarise the key points of Kenealy’s essay:

The imagine of New Zealand, our national identity, “Kiwi” being kiwi what it is to be kiwi.
Banal nationalism:
The war and nationalism around the flag, how the flag is a nation identity and looked towards in times of distress or conflict. While there’s no conflict or struggle the flags still there in the background, being ingrained into our nation identity.
The two advertisements and there idea of the “Kiwi” as a personal or a national identity.
What is kiwi and what is no Kiwi. Using a particular sauce is to be “kiwi” whilst not using this particular sauce is “not Kiwi.” Degrading and excluding people of opposing views.
The idea of the ideal Kiwi and what it is to be a kiwi, loving the kiwiana things and being a kiwi bloke. Very patriarchal and overly masculine.

I don’t want a lot of tele so I don’t see a lot of ads through that media, but I do see them on the bus at the supermarket, on the sides of buildings but I think since I’m stick in my own little world I tend not to pay attention to them, BUT since I have to think or pick one or more things. I see the “kiwiburger” being tossed around a lot, and from my personal taste opinions it looks god awful. Does this make me less of a “kiwi” yeah according to advertisements but I don’t think the advertisements really speak to what it is to be a human being that lives and identifies with New Zealand Culture. I think diversity, acceptance, forward thinking and progressive views are what makes us who we are.

I’ve picked the “Tui – Yeah Right” ad from 2004 https://www.ngataonga.org.nz/set/item/318 |
In this ad we’re presented with the back of a man using the bathroom, he’s in very steriotypic “kiwi’ male clothing, a pair of short shorts and a t-shirt. In this ad we’re presented with a “joke”, in which a man uses the bathroom and then puts the seat down, such things are common when you have a female living in your flat but at the end of the advertisment we are presented with the statement “Yeah Right.” Implying that it’s not something you would actually do, you wouldn’t be a curtious person who takes a small amount of time out of their day to help a female. Almost implying it’s not a very male thing to do.

Kenealy’s essay is structured well, it’s engaging and informative, deploying it’s key ideas in a well formed constructive manner. Each talking point is well explained and leads into another key point.
The first section talks about nationalism, our identity and what it is to be a “kiwi” this section has great examples of the flag, war and advertising.
During the second section Kenealy go’s in depth on his examples of nationalism within advertisements. Using supporting quotes from Anderson and Bilig. Anderson and Bilig were used as foundations, and building blocks for this essay, there quotes and idea were a scaffold for information and in depth analysis from Kenealy.

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