Wk 4 Task 3

Lost One’s Self
Found One’s Self

If One does not remember their past
Who are they
where are they from
If one loses their knowledge of their past
Who are they
What are they
If one loses their connection to their past
Their Ancestors
Who are they
When were they
If ones has no way to find their past
Where do they begin
Where to they start
Self preservation and cultural heritage
Where have they gone
Where can one find it

I’ve been sitting with the feelings brought up within this class.
thinking about the language I speak the different dialects I use with the different people I know.
It’s not something you think about till it’s brought up to you,
My accent its self is confusing mess of multiple things,
the place I grew up, the people I grew up with, the people I live with now
everything around us affects how.
The thought of how certain people bring out different parts of my accent is a very true and strange thing, something I hadn’t noticed till people mention it
The lose of language is not something I have experienced and thus I can’t speak for people but I can learn to understand and be there to help
there’s no one way to the end there’s no one end but there is always hope
and a shared unity between people who only want acceptance and to be heard is a beautiful thing that should be helped.

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