Wk 4 Task 1

Summarise the key points of Smith’s essay. Write two or three paragraphs reflecting on te reo Māori in Aotearoa today

Mana, and it’s integral part in New Zealands identity. Also Manas many different applications and understanding within different environments.
Mana is something earned through prestige and achievement.Also how it is lost and how it is required through the fixing of broken relationships. which ties nicely into Te Reo Maori and it’s resurgence as one of New Zealands main spoke and written languages.

The resurgence of te reo maori in New Zealand, it’s spoken about the crisis of Te Reo Maori and it’s decline after colonisation. How the rate of spoken fluency was in sever decline by the 1940s, but during the 1970s there was a push within communities to reinvigorate and reconnect with the mana of Te Reo Maori.

The statistic for how many people spoke fluent Te Reo in New Zealand during 2010 that only 18.000 people spoke fluent Te Reo Maori and during 2010 our population was around 4 Million people which is about 0.4% of people. Which is crazy, I’ve got welsh family and I know that the language there is going into decline but I believe around 20% of the population in around 2001 spoke fluently so that’s a really big percent difference.

I predominately hear and see Te Reo Maori at uni, or at museums places of cultural importance, often at the schools I work at, they try there hardest to incorporate te reo into education. If we want to increase the acceptance and incorperate more Te Reo into New Zealand I think we need to start by clearing some of the ignorance of the population, give more resources on the advanced and beautiful cultural heritage of the Maori people. I think the ignorance, bigorty and prejudice needs to be removed from our country to help us progress as a society and people.

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