Week 4 Self-directed study

Mount Cargill and Radio transmitter

I’ve been thinking about places that are special to me and that I would feel a connection too if I painted them. Mount Cargill is a place where me and my family would often go for a walk up to the top or at least to the part where the radio/transmitter tower is. This is a very special place to me as I have very fond memories of, thus I feel a connection to the place It’s a part of me and somewhere I’d love to go back to, to revisit some of those memories.

Kaitiakitanga : My Definition
Kaitiakitanga is a belief system often used when talking about environmental awareness and environmental conservation. Also around guardianship and our role as protectors of the past, present and future of our earth. I’m not able to find one definition as many different people and ideas have different meanings for Kaitiakitanga, like the idea of “cosmic unity between humans and the universe” (Merata Kawharu 2000)
During our second week of study we watched a video where Dr Huhana Smith spoke about the use of the harakeke plant and it’s possible contributions to an eco friendly and economically sustainable future. Also in this video it was spoken about how the harakeke plant could be used in the removal of pollution from waters in New Zealand. This a great example of Kaitiakitanga and it’s applicable principles.

  1. https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Merata_Kawharu/publication/284045145_Kaitiakitanga_A_Maori_anthropological_perspective_of_the_Maori_socio-environmental_ethic_of_resource_management/links/572ff07008ae3736095c20b3.pdf

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