WK3 Independent research kaitiakitanga

I think i’d like to do a painting, most likely a painting of a New Zealand landscape. It’d be something of the South Island as that’s where I’m from. I spent a lot of time in my family car with my family driving around, we never really stayed in one place so New Zealand landscapes are really something im familiar with and find very beautiful. I also lived in Hokitika and worked on a farm for a short time in my life so planes, fields and animals are something I’m familiar with and I think it could work into my idea of kaitiakitanga. A lot of the fields and planes are a lot different now then they would’ve been when the first settlers arrived. Have land plotted off and sectioned is not something I want to show in the painting. I could look through some of my old family photos and see what I have there.

I found these two landscapes that were taking in 2009. I think I could make a really good landscape painting, probably would be a bit abstract but It could be really beautiful. I could start with a small water colour and work my way up. I might need to get some water colour paper.

I kind of forgot that I don’t know how to use water colours BUT I’m trying

Maybe doing things at a bigger size would allow me to have more details and show the scenery

you need to think about the ‘how’ – how are people like hapu or iwi or people in the pākehā world working to kaitiaki the land- see Dr Huhana Smith (interviewed by Greg in Wk 2) ? Or kaitiaki treasures etc. It is your job to explain to show that you understand the concept.   
Colin Mc Cahon might be a good painter to turn to or Ralph Hotere (he would be great) plenty on him in the library. His Aramoana series would be really good to talk about in terms of kaitiakitanga. (Message from Georgia to help me get on the right track)

I think I’ve been thinking about kaitiakitanga in a sense of guardian ship rather than a present day and how we can preserve the future of our world.
How we are currently practicing aspects of kaititanga in our modern world, there’s been a lot of protests around climate change and awareness being raised. The video mentioned by Georgiana was an interview where Dr huhana Smith spoke about the use of harakeke plants in the reinvigoration of lands spoiled by pollution. Also spoke about what the land was before it was turned into land for farming. Also how the harakeke could create a multitude of different sustainable economically friendly businesses.
I think a key word that I’m understanding about kaitiaki in the present day is “Sustainability”, making sure that we have a future for the next generation to enjoy and love just as we should

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