WK 3 Task 2

In the introduction to Mana tangata: The politics of human empowerment, Huia Tomlins-Janke writes that “Conversations about mana tangata are nearly always about human authority and upholding dignity and wellbeing of a person or persons” (Tomlins-Janke).

Find a design example and explain how the example you have selected does this.

Personal Message | The paintings of Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber

What were reading

“Personal message” is a series of paintings which show a quote, a quote that may or may not mean something to someone. How I see these paintings is they’re things people feel or things people think about. About mental health or personal well being. Though these paintings may seem a bit morbid or depressing they’re all things most people think about or feel from time to time, and knowing that other people feel the same way to let you know everyone feels this way, or you’re not the only one. Sometimes just remembering you’re not alone or that these feelings will come and go are enough to keep you going. A lot of the paintings are just satirical quotes joking about serious things in real life. Some with political basis and others are interpersonal emotions.

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