WK2 Task 3 Bruce Pascoe

Watch Bruce Pascoe explain the construction of Australia’s ‘standard story’ used to justify colonisation and imagine Australia as terra nullius How does Bruce Pascoe challenge this?

Bruce Pascoe wrote a book, looked for resources to back up his claims such as the writing of Sir Thomas Mitchell, lieutenant grey.

Bruce ask a question to the audience about whether or not teachers or anyone you might trust to be knowledgeable if they’d mentioned anything about aboriginal history.

Quotes from books written by the first explorers of Australia. these books tell the true history or the first history of Australia but are being ignored or left in the dark.

What other accounts do you know from here or other colonised contexts which might be similar?

The lack of knolodge about anything to do with the history of Aboriginal people is quite similar to that of the Maori and what we’re learning about in this course.

The books/dairies he’s sourced use beautiful words describing the thriving vast agricultural skill the aboriginal people had and their understand of the land around them. This has all been pushed to the side of Australian history.

I’m sure a lot of American history is lost and unspoken of within America. I’m sure there’s so much to learn from every different culture that isn’t being taught around the world. Or at least not in the immediate media eye.

How might these also be challenged?  

With our current Conversations class I’m being opened up to many different things I didn’t know or hadn’t been told about in a very long time. There may be some history books from the first explores of New Zealand, in which we might find the same things Bruce Pascoe found.

Teaching these ideas we’re learning about in Conversations at schools would be a really good way for the next generation of kids to be more accepting and open minded towards these facts.

Knowledge is power right. If everyone knows and everyone who doesn’t know has an opportunity to know

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