Wk 2 Task 2

Write a short definition of your understanding of whakapapa after reading the article, include a key quote from the reading to support your definition.:

“cosmogony beginning with the origin of the universe and the primal parents”

” To understand the meaning of plant and animal whakapapa requires knowledge of not only plant and animal names but also their accompanying narratives “

” whakapapa and the associated metaphysical concepts of tapu—an intrinsic spiritual integrity and potentiality for power of a thing, and mauri—the elemental energy or material life force that constitutes the essential self or essence of a thing “

mixing of genes between different species constituted an unsanctioned interference with whakapapa as well as a violation of the tapu and mauri of the organisms concerned.

There’s no differences between the material world and the spiritual world it’s all one and the same. Everyone and everything is part of the spiritual and material world at the same time, meaning they’re one in the same. With everything being connected both ancestors and kin are the things around me and the environment in which I live. Whakapapa also could be referring to the lineage of something how far it goes back, the origins. Almost the evolution of it.

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