Wk 1 Task 3

The Introduction to the Oxford Illustrated History of Science: Make a map of the points from the chapter, elaborating on these where appropriate.

Science is integral to the furthermore of our civilization but where did it start from. Cultural beliefs are considered to be forms of science maybe in a different way. ” Science is assumed to progress by its own momentum as discovery piles up on discovery. From this point of view, science often looks like a force of nature rather than of culture “\

Science is embraced and fundamentally practiced everywhere around the world, determining who discovers what and where really shouldn’t matter for the betterment of the human species.

No one really understands what “Science” is because everyone has their own interpretation. “different ways knowledge has been produced both now and in the past, and how different peoples and cultures have come to hold the beliefs they have about the natural world”

Historical starting according to some historians ” origins of scientific thought in Egypt and Mesopotamia. ” Past scientific knoledge is much harder to come across or harder to find documentations of.

Past understandings of science such as “religion, magic or a creator” are all forms of science or at least someones understanding of how the world works Metaphors almost.

Fundamental belief of science is seeing the thing, where’s with magic and relgion they’re more concepts than concrete things you can see. “Greek philosophers borrowed Babylonian astrological concepts, for example, and modified them for their own purposes. Fundamental belief of science is seeing the thing, where’s with magic and relgion they’re more concepts than concrete things you can see.”

Scientific practices were passed down from era to era, civilization to civilization. things were adapted and improved up. People who understood or knew about these sciences were highly sort after by high members of their society.

” Henry highlights the importance of voyages of discovery (themselves facilitated by the invention of the magnetic compass) in generating new knowledge about the natural world as well as the re-discovery of alternatives to Aristotelian philosophy “

Crazy Robert Smith from “the Cure” had a whole chapter in this… “mapping the universe explores the ways in which modern astronomy developed through new institutions and new technologies that transformed the ways in which the heavens were understood “

Mathematics and science are very buddy buddy .

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